Long term sequalae of COVID-19 infection


COVID-19 is an infectious respiratory disease that was first detected in Wuhan, China, in late 2019 and on March 13, 2020, in Kenya. It spreads rapidly, with a current prevalence of 759 million confirmed cases and over 759 million deaths globally.(Post COVID-19 Condition (Long COVID), n.d.)

Symptoms of COVID-19, may range from mild to severe. The most common symptoms include; fever, cough, loss of taste and smell, and fatigue. Mild but less common symptoms include sore throat, headache, diarrhea, aches and pain, red eyes and a skin rash. Severe complications include; dyspnea, loss of speech, confusion and chest pain. (Long COVID or Post-COVID Conditions | CDC, n.d.)

The average incubation period ranges from 5-6 days with a maximum of 14 days.

The short and long term effects of COVID-19 in the body is seldom acknowledged. Several studies have shown a possible short and long term effects that need to be studied further. COVID-19 infects the body by binding to the ACE-2 receptors located in various tissues and body organs. The ACE-2 receptors in variably distributed in the body, with the respiratory, cardiovascular and GIT having highest expression. The expression is however sparse in the endocrine glands.

There exist a variable presentation of long and short term complications. The long term complications, also called Long COVID, Post COVID, Long Haul COVID, Post-Acute sequalae of SARS-COV-2 Infection (PASC), Chronic COVID by various individuals and WHO.

These complications may run for weeks, months and years in individuals who are infected with COVID-19 or those with a history of COVID-19 infection. Individuals not vaccinated against COVID-19, have an increased risk of developing Long COVID-19 complications compared to the vaccinated ones. This complications may also occur in individuals who had not been tested to have COVID-19 but was infected but asymptomatic. (Post COVID-19 Condition (Long COVID), n.d.)

The long term effects of COVID-19 can be detrimental if left unmanaged. There exist no test to be used in the diagnosis of Chronic COVID-19, however it is based on the history of the patient based on COVID-19 exposure.   (Long COVID or Post-COVID Conditions | CDC, n.d.)

The symptoms of long COVID-19, are varied and may last from weeks, months or even years post infection. The symptoms can go away and relapse later.

The symptoms of Post COVID-19 include                                 

v  Fatigue (tiredness)

v  Fever

v  Dyspnea

v  Cough

v  Palpitations

v  Chest pain

v  Brain fog (inability to think and concentrate)

v  Sleep problems

v  Headache

v  Light headedness

v  Tingling sensations

v  Change in smell and taste

v  Anxiety

v  Depression

v  Diarrhea

v  Stomach pains

v  Muscle and joint pain

v  Rash

v  Changes in menstrual cycle


Some of the above symptoms are similar to that of chronic fatigue syndrome. This effects affects various body organs and systems including; heart, pancreas, blood and brain as compared to non-COVID-19 patients.(Long COVID or Post-COVID Conditions | CDC, n.d.)

Studies have shown that specific group of individuals are at a greater risk of Post COVID-19 effects as compared to the rest though the studies are not conclusive;

v  Individuals who experienced more severe COVID-19 illness and were hospitalized and needed ICU

v  Individuals who had underlying health conditions like diabetes prior to COVID-19

v  Unvaccinated individuals       

v  Individuals that experienced Multi system inflammatory syndrome during COVID-19

v  Health inequalities i.e. minority groups, disabilities and nature of work can also increase the risk of Post-COVID-19 infection.


The best way to protect yourself to prevent COVID-19 infections, by vaccination, maintaining social distance, hand washing among others

Kindly, if you experience any of the above symptoms, please seek medical care!!!

There is need for proper follow up of all COVID-19 patients


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